The UA Picker

Discover how Jirav builds formulas with Drivers by using the Universal Addressability Picker

In order to simplify things for users Jirav has a built in engine that allows for you to point at any data line within the model, think of this as an advanced excel formula with a user interface that is called the Universal Addressability (UA) Picker.

The UA picker is used throughout Jirav - its used to point Dashboard Tiles to the data you would like to display, for reports to set the values you would like to show, within Drivers to determine what is calculated and how it is calculated.

Generally the UA Picker looks like the following:


UA Picker



Here is a listing of what each of the boxes mean:

  • Category - this is the first selection you will make, it determines what will appear in the UA picker window; for example if you were to select IS OpEx then you will see that you can also select a specific Department and the exact account you are interested in



Drivers_-_Plans_-_Jirav_-_Financial_Planning___Analysis (1)


  • Offset - this determines how many months to look forward or backward.  This is governed by the Cutover date that is set on the plan.  To look back you would you a negative number like -3 and to look forward a positive number like 3. The default value is 0 giving you a value that is in the same month as the cutover date.


  • Width - the default value is 1 and has to be a value of 1 or greater than 1; this is because the width is how many months to add together.  So, a value of 3 would give you the sum of the 3 months looking forward from the offset.  For example, an offset of -3 with a width of 3 will add up the last three months of the value you have selected from the Category. In the screen shot below the value would be the total of the trailing 3 months of the Facilities expenses for All Departments


Drivers_-_Plans_-_Jirav_-_Financial_Planning___Analysis (2)



  • Data - this is a table that provides a preview of the values that are contained within what you have selected as part of the Category selection, this data table will dynamically change based on what you have selected.


JM - Update to include an explanation on how the UA picker is used in tiles