Leveraging Custom Line Groups in Jirav

Group and subtotal two, three, or ten custom lines into logical categories

As you build your Jirav Pro model you likely have or will create custom lines that you would like to group together into logical groups and you may also want to sub-total the group.

For example, lets assume your business is selling cameras to iOS and Android users and you track the number of sales to each user group separately as a custom line within Jirav and would like to total the two custom accounts together.  

In order create the group you would take the following steps:

  • Go to Setup > Custom Lines

  • Create a Custom Line group

  • Rename the New Custom Line Group to the category grouping name of your choice 

  • Add the custom lines you would like to add to the group

For groups you would like to subtotal please make sure all the lines in the group have the same format rule.  

  • In order to add the subtotal use the group menu to "Add subtotal" for the group

Pro Tip: If you would like to chart data that has different aggregation rules the tile will work, please disregard the warning in the warning; the group will simply not calculate a value for the Subtotal.

Once you have added the sub-total a greyed out line will appear at the bottom of the group.  Note that the name of the subtotal is the name that we renamed the group to.