Import actuals for custom lines from Excel

You can now import any data via an Excel Sheet within Actuals. This is perfect for data that isn't in the general ledger, but is a key performance indicator for your business.

Click here for the Excel Sheet Template

  1. First, create your Excel Sheet

2. Import your Excel from the Actuals tab


3. Navigate to the location on your computer in which you have saved the Excel file and click open; this will then import the file:

4. A green check mark will appear when the import is complete.

Pro Tip: A dialogue box will appear for custom lines you have created though do not have any import data, this is not an error, it is Jirav letting you know some accounts did not receive any actual data from the import.

Setup custom lines to track the data in your Excel Sheet

  1. To create custom lines, go to Setup (far right of the app underneath your company name).


2. Add custom lines to pull data from your Google Sheet

3. Names must match exactly to the names in your Excel Sheet.

Visualize your Excel Sheet data

  1. Add a tile to your dashboard to show the custom lines from your Excel Sheet
  2. Add the custom lines in your Executive Summary