Certification Overview

The path to becoming a Jirav expert

The Jirav certification is your opportunity to learn the key skills to be successful when using Jirav to gain fast insights and build rich bottoms up forecasting.

The program is broken down into the following sections, each section builds up on the last so we recommend starting at the beginning and working your way through the material.  

Basic Certification

For this certification you will learn how to connect your financial and non-financial data and build reports that are custom built to your specific company needs. 

You will also learn about how to set top level goals and create custom KPI's with Global Drivers.  There are also a few administrative items covered as well.

Advanced Certification (Coming Soon!)

For this certification you will learn how to import your products and historical sales data, giving you a report that shows your SAAS KPI's and historical sales performance.

We will also walk through how to connect a Google sheet or use an import file to bring in historical data for your custom lines.

Pro Certification

For this certification you will go through the modules outlined below - you will need to complete Intro to Planning first; the remaining modules can be done in the order you prefer though we have numbered the modules in the recommended order.

Intro to Planning:




1. Direct Revenue Drivers

2. Workforce Planning

3. Period Expenses (COGS & OpEx)

4. Balance Sheet (CapEx & Working Capital)


Enterprise Certification

This advanced certification takes you through the products and bookings modules that are built directly into Jirav giving you simple bottoms up SAAS revenue forecast, segments, and quota bearing sales reps. To complete the certification you will need to build a bottoms up forecast leveraging each of the modules, please see the forecasting revenue in enterprise article to begin.