Plans - Overview

Learn how Jirav can create multiple scenarios for you financial forecast

For additional detail on what the actuals start, forecast start, and forecast end dates mean please check out Plans Management 

Plans Overview 

The base of operations for your budgets can be found in the ‘manage’ section of the Jirav app. Here, you can create your plans as well as define them by time, purpose and/or type. 

Once you've imported your actuals you can use this area to maintain version control while collaborating with your team and running scenarios to your heart’s delight. 


Your business will have budgets that are approved by the board, but you also might want to play with scenarios that include future funding, conservative vs. aggressive performance estimates and time-boxed run rates.

You can do variations on any plan in the system by cloning it (be patient, it takes a few moments), naming it, and changing your assumptions. You can also create a brand new plan based on a different revenue method completely (e.g. top-down vs. bottoms-up).

Plan of Record (POR) 

If you'd like to freeze a plan in time, you'll make it your plan of record (POR). You'll perform this using the same hamburger icon where you perform the other plan creating actions.

Tip: Once you freeze a plan as a POR, it cannot be unfrozen so be mindful of which plan you're making a POR. You can clone a POR to make a version that's editable.