User Management (JA)

Invite Users to your Jirav account (Onboarding)

Jirav gives Administrators the ability to add and remove Users with the Setup menu.

When you are an Admin you will see a Users section within the Setup area of Jirav as noted in the screen shot below:


To add a user simply hover over and click the three dots (ellipses) next to the title Users and select Add:




After selecting the Add option in the menu Jirav will pop up a box where you enter in the email address of the User you would like to add and select their role type:

For what the different roles are please see our help article on User Role Permission Types





After adding in their email and choosing their role you then select Invite and an email will be sent to the user asking them sign up and you will see the dialogue box below:




The person receiving the invite will get an email as shown in the screen shot below, they then have the ability to create their account and begin using Jirav. 





Complete your Basic Certification -> Complete the Certification Form