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Learn how to sign up for and take the Certification to share on your LinkedIn and obtain your Certificate

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In order to obtain Certifications you will need to take one of the exams as outlined below.


  • Account Setup  (get certified today!)
  • Reports & Dashboards (get certified today!)

Certified: Advanced

  • Planning (get certified today!)
  • Custom Tables & KPIs (coming soon)

Certification: Partner

  • Partner Portal (coming soon)

Each exam is accompanied by a certificate as show below: 


To sign up please visit our exam tool found with this link - you can follow the steps below to create a login and take the exam.


Step 1 - Signup


Step 2 - Create an account

Step 3 - Confirm your account 

You will receive and email to the address provided to confirm your account that you created in Step 2

Step 4 - Select the courses you would like to begin taking the exam for - there is no time limit


Step 5 - Share your certification by adding it to your LinkedIn profile


The screen shot below is of LinkedIn - you can also "add a section" to your linked in profile and select "Certification"