Importing Workforce Via Excel

How to import staff and salary actuals

Workforce Template


Importing your workforce is an essential piece to getting set up in Jirav. This can be done using the staff list that's generated directly from your payroll system of record or an existing .xlsx document. 

For a more detailed video please see the onboarding video for the Workforce Import


  1. Populate the workforce template fields with your staff's information

Tip: you can use your list exported directly from your payroll system just make sure it has all the same fields available and populated that are required.
​Required Fields are:

  • First
  • Last
  • Email (Does not have to be an email, only needs to be a unique value, meaning any other headcount you are uploading can't have the same value, so you could do 1, 2, 3 and so on if you did not want to include email)
  • Hire Date
  • Compensation Amount (Annual amounts are divided by 12 and that is what is forecasted into the plan window)
  • Compensation Unit (Typically a Year)

Pro Tip: If you do not include the Team (Department) then the individual will be associated with an Unassigned classification and for any Budget vs. Actuals you will not be able to compare the historical actuals by department for compensation expense.

If the compensation is monthly in your staff list, calculate x12 for a yearly figure. 

This staff import is intended for W2 employees- if you have part time staff, you can annualize their salaries in the template. Contractors are reflected as departmental overhead in the Jirav app.

2. Login to
3. Navigate to [Actuals] in the top bar of your Jirav homepage
4. Select your staff list and upload at the .xlsx button under {Workforce]  

5. A green checkmark and last date imported will appear if everything is clear.

6. Head over to Reports and review the Workforce report

You will need to map your imported workforce departments to your accounting system departments, please refer to our Main Setting help article for an explanation of this step.  If you do not compete this step then all the employees will reflect and Unassigned department.

To review the import:

Go to Reports> Workforce to see your staffing information.