Cloning Accounts in Partner Portal

Duplicate your Jirav account - great for standardized templates and pre-built financial models

For users who have the ability to access the Partner Portal you have the ability to clone an account.

The cloned account copies the following from the original company file:

  • Dashboards
  • Report Package Templates
  • Custom Tables
  • Global Drivers
  • Active Plans
  • Master COA
  • Master Departments

The account does not copy:

  • Published Reports
  • Plans of Record
  • Actuals
  • Users
  • Sharing Settings

Tip: The account can only be cloned to the same type of account - another words a Pro account can only be cloned to a Pro accont

This is done by hovering over the account name and selecting the hamburger icon and choosing to "Clone Company"


The next step is to provide a company name and short-name and once you select "Clone" the account will copy and will become available in your company dropdown when signing in or switching companies.

The cloning process may take up to five minutes for the account to appear for you to access