Add a Company

Follow these steps to add Company's through your Partner portal

For Jirav users who are also Partners with Administrative access you have the ability to add Company's to your Partner account and invite users to the Company.

If you are a Jirav user and interested in becoming a Partners please visit our Partners page.

Step 1:

Once you have signed in you will be brought to the Company picker - below the "Continue" button you can select "Add new Company"

Step 2:

This brings you to the Add a Company screen where you set the Company name and short name.

  • Company name is what is appears throughout the app including the reports
  • Short name is what is seen in the web address bar  

Pro Tip: For the short name you are required to use lower case letters, numbers, one dash "-", underscore "_", or ampersand "&" with a maximum of 20 characters

Step 3:

The final step is to select the type of Jirav account you would like for this company; after making the selection Jirav builds the model into memory and you will be brought to the Actuals screen.  To see further detail on the differences of the three account types and what is included please see the pricing page on our marketing website.

Pro Tip: Upon account creation you are automatically added as an Admin on the Company account, to add users please see our help article on User Management.