Overview of Partner Portal

Learn how Jirav can support you in growing your practice and staying on top of your client financials

Jirav is excited to offer to our Partners a number of tools to assist in managing your business. 

If you are not a Partner and would like to learn more let us know by completing a demo request today!

Partner Portal gives you the foundation to review the status of your clients accounts within Jirav.  This is a feature we will continue to build upon and today gives you a birds eye view of your Jirav accounts.  


To get to your partner portal there are two paths - you can access the portal from the Company Dropdown Picker or from your user profile from within a Jirav Account - see the screen shots below:


From Company Picker:


Here is the screen shot to get to Partner Portal from the "Select Company"



For current Partners with Partner portal access; when you login to Jirav you will see a link to "Go to Partner Portal"

For Partners who have the ability to add a new company please see our help article here.

Currently we include the following:

  • Name
  • Short Name
  • Plan type
  • Admin users
  • Total users
  • Number of Departments
  • Accounting System
  • Financial Data through date
  • Close month set in financial system
  • Workforces, Sales, and Custom data through date
  • Creation date
  • Notes

We will continue to build upon this portal and are excited to work with our Partners for specific requests.