Release Notes - 2021

December 2021

Version 4.12

  • Donut Chart in Dashboards

  • Drag-and-drop sizing and placement of Dashboard Tiles 

  • Fit to Width sizing option in PDF Reports

  • No template account mapping for Intacct (beta) Integration


November 2021

Version 4.11

  • In-Line Notes in Reporting

  • Stacked Bar Chart in Dashboards

October 2021

Version 4.10

  • Hide the graph and/or pick different periodic display options in the Executive Summary report

  • Additional options for variance % display in reports

  • Surface and change assumptions in a plan module

  • Rename report at the time of publishing

  • Set the number of hours that should be used for calculation regarding hourly employees


September 2021

Version 4.9

  • Line Graph Tile in Dashboards
  • Landscape or Portrait presentation in PDF report exports 
  • Clone reports to other templates 
  • Single select Custom Tables 

August 2021

Version 4.8

  • Select reports for download in PDF reports 
  • Additional font sizes in Text Page reports
  • Redesign of Plan Management

July 2021

Version 4.7

  • Resize column tile height & width in dashboards
  • Page alignment options in PDF reports 
  • Enhancements to the Periodic Growth Standard Driver 
  • Choose to pro-rate system calculated salaries for staff who have a mid-month start or end date - to enable this option, go to Setup ⚙️> Company and select Yes for Prorate Salaries in the Staffing section
  • Enhancements to GoogleSheet integration for Custom Tables
    • Choose which Custom Lines should allow actuals imports 
      • To adjust which Custom Lines should allow actuals imports, go to Setup ⚙️> Custom Tables and adjust the Allow Import selection
      • Lines that have not had actuals imported to them prior to this release (4.7) automatically default to No
    • Export newly added Custom Lines to the import template after the initial GoogleSheet connection was made
      • To export new lines to the import template, go to Setup ⚙️> Custom Tables and select the Export New Lines to G Sheet button - the number of applicable new lines will be shown numerically within the button

    June 2021

    Version 4.6

    • Automatic resizing of Dashboard Tiles to eliminate unused white space
    • Additional bulk actions for Standard Drivers
      •  Edit Drivers with the same inputs in one action
      • Add new or clone existing drivers to any Income Statement account & department in one action

      May 2021

      Version 4.5

      Enhancements to Standard Drivers:

      • New: Bulk Edit, Clone & Delete

      • Enhanced: Growth on Historicals

        • Specify the Start Date to apply a Periodic % or # Increase

        • Additional options for Base to Grow

      • Enhanced: Annual Target & Fixed Spread

        • Input Explicit Spend overrides to a line in a linked Custom Table 

      April 2021

      Version 4.4

      • Enhancements to Standard Drivers:
        • New: Standard Drivers are now available for Custom Lines in Custom Tables 
        • New: Amount per Headcount
        • New: % of Another Account
        • Enhanced: Growth on Historicals
          • Apply a historical growth rate the prior year and allocate across the months either evenly or based on prior year seasonality 
          • Option to periodically increase the forecast by x% or $x every y months.This increase can then be applied to the previous month, last year same month or a historical average amount (3 month, 6 month, 12 month trailing average).
        • Enhanced: Annual Target & Fixed Spread 
          • Explicit spend can be applied to specific months - overriding the initial calculated monthly amounts. 
      • Other Updates
        • Support of formula bar content for constant values. 
        • Standard Drivers can now also be added from the Drivers page.
        • Revamped ⚙️Setup > Actuals page . 

      End of March 2021

      Version 4.3

      This release is focused on Driver Enhancements.  Key features added:

      • Standard Drivers
        • New Driver types added for Annual Target, Fixed Spread and Growth on Historicals
        • Legacy Drivers are now referred to as Custom Drivers 
      • Bulk Drivers
        • Create multiple drivers in one action
        • "This Account" & "This Department" driver references that automatically update to apply to the account & department where the driver is being added to 

      • Formula Bar
        • Drivers now appear in a fixed bar at the top of the screen in an easy to read format
      • Various User Interface enhancements
      • What's New in Jirav: March 2021 Blog Post

      Beginning of March 2021

      Version 4.2

      Key Features Added:

      • Department Picker in Plans
        Position of dropdown moved and labeling added 
      • Row Highlighting
        Newly added or edited drivers & sub-items in plans highlight upon save
      • Default view of Plan
        First month of plan is visible by default when viewing a planning a table 
      • Plan Management Enhancements 
        View important plan dates: Created on, Settings last updated on, Content last changed on, Archived on, Made PoR on
      • Raise Enhancements
        Raises can now be entered as an Annual $ amount (in addition to a % of salary or Monthly $ amount)
      • New System KPIs
        COGS Per Employee, Net Income per Employee, COGS as % of Revenue, % COGS by Department, OpEx as % of Total Expense, COGS as % of total Expense

      January 2021

      October 2020

      October 2020 Product Update 

      • Collaborative Planning 
        Collaborate with multiple contributors to create your financial plan by sharing customized plan views by user 
      • Assumptions
        Define global key assumptions to drive your plan 
      • Income Statement by Department
        New Report Type with Departments in the report columns 
      • Report Variance Enhancements
        Configure variance calculation based on Source plan or Compared To plan
      • Raises in Staffing
        Plan for raises by employee in the Staffing table
      • Driver Based Hire Enhancements
        Plan for driver based hires directly from the Staffing table 
      • Table Level Comments
        Add comments to specific tables within a Plan
      • New Accounting Integrations
        QuickBooks Desktop & Sage Intacct