Sage Intacct No-Template Account Integration

Learn how to integrate Sage Intacct accounts that were not created using a QuickStart Template

With Quick Start Template accounts, Jirav is able to automatically identify which section each account belongs to within the Chart of Accounts. When a template is not used during creation, there are some additional steps needed in order to integrate. 

Account Groups within Sage Intacct will be needed to categorize each account within the COA. These will then be mapped to the sections within Jirav and allow your Accounting data to import successfully. Below are steps on how to create these account groups and then map them within Jirav so that you can begin planning and reporting. 

Note: You will not need to make any changes to your pre-existing account groups. These are used for reporting purposes and an account can belong in more than one group. 

  1. Within Intacct, open the dropdown list to the right of the home Icon and click on “General Ledger”. Under “Financial Report Structures” select “Account Groups”
  2. You will make an account group for each of the following items in the list below. Only one Account Group can be mapped to each Section/Category within Jirav. Customization of the structure of your COA can be done within Jirav once the import is complete. Make sure that under “Structure Type” that “Accounts” is selected.
    • jirav_revenue
    • jirav_retained_earnings
    • jirav_other_income
    • jirav_other_expense
    • jirav_other_current_assets
    • jirav_other_assets
    • jirav_opex
    • jirav_long_term_liabilities
    • jirav_fixed_assets
    • jirav_equity
    • jirav_current_liabilities
    • jirav_cogs
    • Jirav_bank_accounts
  3. Assign accounts to the Account Groups. You can use Account Numbers or Names to assign ranges at a time. Every single account will need to be assigned to a Group in order to successfully import, even inactive ones.

    Once you have your Account Groups configured and Accounts assigned you will need to follow the connection process that is outlined in this article -> Sage Intacct - Actual Import Integration. After you have configured the integration and entered your credentials in to Jirav, return to this article and complete the remaining steps. 

  4. Open up Jirav and navigate to Settings -> Actuals. Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the Sage Intacct tile and then “Update Import Method”.

  5. Select “Import and manually map Intacct account groups” and confirm.
  6. Select your desired import time period. A pop up will appear that will let you map your Intacct Account Groups to their corresponding sections/categories in Jirav. You can only select one group for each category. If the Account Group naming conventions were followed, they should populate as soon as the mapping section appears. If these aren’t mapped automatically you will assign them accordingly. 

  7. As long as all accounts have been assigned to one of the Account Groups mapped you can hit "Confirm" and import your data.