Step 3: Import your Workforce Actuals

Bring in your current employee roster from gusto or Excel

Payroll expense is typically the largest expense for a company. To accurately plan for future salaries and wages expense, your current employee roster should be imported to Jirav. The current employee roster then becomes the basis of your forecast for salaries & wages and also enables headcount reporting. 

To import your current employee roster to Jirav, go to Setup > Actuals. Then, you can either import by connecting directly to gusto or via Excel import by following the steps below.

gusto Import

  1. Select Connect from Setup > Actuals under gusto in the Workforce section. 
  2. When prompted, Authorize Jirav for gusto.
    Note, you may first be prompted to enter your gusto login credentials. 
  3. Once gusto is authorized for Jirav, simply click Import to sync your current employee roster with the Jirav Staffing table.  

Excel Import

  1. Select Download Template from Setup > Actuals under Excel in the Workforce section.
  2. Populate the Template in Excel with your current employee roster following the guidelines below.
    • First: Employee First Name
    • Last: Employee Last Name
    • Department: Department
    • Email: Employee Email
      Note, this does not have to be a valid email address, but it must be unique to each employee. 
    • Hire Date: Employees Hire Date
    • Termination Date: Optional - typically left blank 
    • Title: Employee Role 
    • Compensation Amount: Annual Pay Rate
      Note, if an employee is Hourly, you can annualize their rate by multiplying the hourly rate by 2080. 2080 represents the average working hours per year. 
    • Compensation Unit: Year
  3. Once the Template is populated and saved, return to Jirav, select IMPORT and choose the appropriate file when prompted to sync your current employee roster with the Jirav Staffing table.  

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