Naming your Jirav Account

Understand what the Company Name and Short Name mean and how they work in the applicaiton

This article explains the naming rules and what they are used for on Jirav accounts.


When you create an account you will need to provide a Company Name and a Short Name defined as follows:

Company Name: This is what appears in on the reports and in the upper right of the application

This can be changed in Setup->Company 


Short Name: This is what appears in the URL of the browser and is contained within any links that are shared from the application -

Warning: The Short Name can only be changed by contacting 


There are a few rules to creating this name since the name is part of a URL:

  • You can only use a-z, 0-9, -, _
  • More than one - in a row is forbidden
  • Minimum length is 4 characters
  • Maximum length is 20 characters