Overview: Plan using Subitems

Use Sub-Items to add granular plan details for an account

There are some fixed expenses that are specific to a month & account where additional detail is desired. For example, Contractor expense planned by individual contractor. 

Be Aware: The example below is a common methodology used for planning operating expenses. This example should be adapted as needed to fit your business planning requirements.

To use Sub-Items to plan Contractor expense by individual contractor, locate the Contractor expense account and hover your mouse in the white space to the left of the account name to enable the context menu, then choose + Subitem.

Once the Subitem is added, populate the label and budget as needed. Repeat adding Subitems until all contractors have been incorporated into the plan. 


Sub-Items are simple rows in the plan table that permit for hard coding of amounts, the sub-item does not permit for a driver to be attached, drivers can only be attached to a Chart of Account or custom line.


Helpful Hint:

Subitems are specific to the plan, account & department where they are added. For example, if you add a subitem to the marketing department, that subitem would not be visible in the operations department.