Plan Management

Jirav makes managing your plans easy! In the manage section of the app, you change any plan window for specific focus and usage.  

Go to 'Plans' and use the dropdown menu on the left to 'Manage'.

This will take you the area where you've saved (or will save) and create plans for your business. Here, you can easily control versions of your plans to keep your data reliable while collaborating with other members of your team. You simply need to make changes to the dates to adjust the time periods for your data set.

Start date 

The start date of your plan reflects the last month/year of your actuals that you've imported to Jirav. 

Cutover date 

This is the date where your actuals end and your model begins. You can adjust this date to help make comparisons and track performance to original plan. For information on rolling forecasts, see this article. 

End date 

The end date for your plan is when the model cuts off; in Jirav, the end date is typically 3 to 4 years after your start date.

Clone a Plan

One of the advantages of Jirav is the ability to create clones on plans and make changes to the new cloned plan and see how those changes compare to your original plan. To do this you would select "Clone" from the three line menu that appears to the left of the Manage Plans table.