Share your Dashboard

Once you have your Jirav Dashboard ready to show off you can directly share from Jirav

In order to streamline the process of inviting a user into Jirav and explaining how to navigate to the specific dashboard you are asking them to review you can now directly share the dashboard with them.

What this means is that from within Jirav you can select "Share Dashboard" from the "••• button" that is next to the name of your Dashboard as seen in the screenshot below:

Share Dashboard

This then results in a pop up that allows for you to enter the recipients email invite them into Jirav with an email that has a link to sign up for Jirav and see the Dashboard. Note that users being invited in only have the ability to view what is being shared with them; they do not have any edit rights. This means that the time periods displayed and related financial information cannot be changed by the user.

Email Share Dashboard

Below is the email that the person receives once the Dashboard is shared with them.

Dashboard Share Email

Pro Tip: In order to share a dashboard you need to have Admin access to the account