User Role Permission Types

Work collaboratively with budget managers and investors while maintaining privacy and security

Jirav currently has the following User Permissioning Security Levels:


 Access to all areas of Jirav.



 Gives everything an Admin has except the ability to add and remove Users.

Viewer: All

 Read only access to full account, Setup and Manage Plans are not available


Viewer: Dashboards & Reports

 Read only access to Dashboard, Reports only (full access to workforce report data), Setup and Manage Plans are not available


Viewer: Dashboards & Reports Limited

Read only access to Dashboard, Reports with salary and term date removed from the workforce report, Setup and Manage Plans are not available


Viewer: Only Main Dashboard

This access level allows the user to only see the Main Dashboard, please see the the help article Multiple Dashboards for further information.

Additional Information Regarding User Permissions:

  1. All of the roles have the ability to see each plan within Jirav, for all Read Only Roles Setup and Manage Plans are not available
  2. The User Role "Viewer: Dashboards & Limited"  can provides each department level manager access to each P&L, but sensitive workforce report data regarding individual salaries is removed. 
  3. At this time we are unable to limit the other parts of the model such as the Balance Sheet items such as Cash or if there's a department of 1 person, a user could back into what that salary.

For help on how to add users to Jirav please see our help article User Management