RUN Powered by ADP® (Direct Customers) - Workforce Import Instructions

Import your current employee roster from RUN Powered by ADP®

Note: These instructions are for Jirav accounts that are being managed by our customers directly. For Jirav accounts that will be managed by an accountant or firm on the behalf of a client, please see our RUN Powered by ADP Import Instructions for Accountants and Clients.

1. Log in to Jirav application. Go to Setup ️ > Actuals and select Connect next to ADP.

2. Click Copy next to your ADP Integration Key. Save this somewhere as you will need it later in the connection process

3. Navigate to the ADP Marketplace. You can also click on the Marketplace tab at the top of the navigation menu while logged in to RUN 

4. Search for the Jirav Connector for RUN Powered by ADP® or copy and paste in to your browser

5. Click on Editions & Pricing within the listing, select the free edition and click “Buy Now”
6. Continue through the checkout process until you reach the point where you will enter your ADP Integration Key (Labeled as Jirav Connection Key within ADP)7. In the Jirav Connection Key field enter in the Key that you copied in steps 1-27. When you are on the Confirm Order page click Place Order. You will have to agree to the terms and conditions and click Place Order once again
At the bottom of the confirmation receipt is a button to bring you back to your applications within ADP, where Jirav should now be listed.

8. ADP requires one more authorization from clients to permit the use of their data. Under your applications, click on Jirav

9. You should be brought to a client authorization page. Click on Allow at the bottom

10. After you receive confirmation that the connection has been successfully authorized, navigate back to Setup ️ > Actuals within Jirav and click Connect next to ADP again

11. Click Connect at the bottom of the pop up where your ADP Integration Key was generated. You should see a notification that it successfully imported

12. Make sure to still click on the Import button next to ADP again to sync your current employee roster within the Jirav Staffing Table

Jirav will only be able to import roles for the products the support roles. These products are ADP® Complete Payroll & HR Plus and ADP® HR Pro.