RUN Powered by ADP® - Workforce Import Instructions

Import your current employee roster from RUN Powered by ADP®

To import an employee roster from ADP Run Powered by ADP into Jirav, follow these steps:

  1. Connect ADP to Jirav:

    • Navigate to Setup ⚙️ > Actuals in Jirav.
    • Select "Connect" next to ADP.
  2. Obtain Your ADP Integration Key:

    • Click "Copy" next to your ADP Integration Key provided in Jirav.
    • Save this key as you'll need it for the connection process.
  3. Purchase the Jirav Connector for Run Powered by ADP Application

    • Authentication for ADP is completed through the Jirav Connector for Run Powered by ADP® Application. 
    • Access the Jirav Connector for Run Powered by ADP Application. You will need to login to ADP to proceed with this step.
    • Click on the "Buy Now" button. There is no cost associated with this application.
    • Once in the Cart, click Edit next to 'Jirav Requires additional information.' and input the ADP Integration Key from Step 2.
    • Review and agree to the terms and conditions.
    • Click "Complete Purchase" to finalize the transaction.

  4. Authenticate ADP
    • Once the purchase is complete, return to your applications within ADP.
    • Click on Jirav to authorize the connection.
    • Follow the prompts to allow Jirav access to your ADP data.
    • You should receive confirmation that the connection has been successfully authorized.
  5. Import Employee Roster:
    • After receiving confirmation that the connection is authorized, return to Setup ⚙️ > Actuals within Jirav. 
    • Select "Connect" next to ADP.
    • Click "Connect" at the bottom of the ADP Integration Key pop-up.
    • You should receive a notification that the integration successfully imported the current employee roster to the Jirav Staffing table, and the "Connect" button will change to "Import".

Helpful Hints:

  • Jirav will only import roles for the following supported products: ADP® Complete Payroll & HR Plus and ADP® HR Pro.
  • These instructions specifically apply to Run Powered by ADP. ADP Workforce Now is not supported at this time. 
  • If you are an accounting partner, you may need to ask your client for assistance completing the initial connection.