Create Custom Tables.

Configure Custom Tables to hold financial and non-financial data specific to your business.

Custom tables hold elements specific to your business, in addition to what is already included in the general ledger and staffing data. For example, website visitors, units sold, average sales price, # of customers or bookings.

Create Custom Tables from Setup ⚙️->Custom Tables:


Create multiple custom tables to efficiently organize data for viewing, reporting and sharing.  Note in the screenshot above we have two tables which are "Sales Model and "Custom Reporting".

Select Manage Tables to add a new table, rename an existing table, delete an existing table or reorder tables.   This name defined here will appear on the setup menu as well as in the Plans view and UA Picker. 

Once the table is defined, add rows for each custom metric desired.  Utilize Blank Rows to organize the lines for display purposes in plans. There are 3 Row Types available: Section, New Line and Reference

A grouping of rows for organizational purposes.

  • Name
    • Free text field
    • Determines the name that will appear in plans, reports & dashboards
    •  Optionally Subtotal a Section by selecting the ellipsis (. . .) to the left of the Section and choosing + Add Subtotal

New Line 

A line that values can be input into the plan via manual input or driver

  • Name
    • Free text field
    • Determines the name that will appear in plans, reports & dashboards
  • Format
    • Choose Money ($), Percent (%) or Number (#)
    • Determines the display of the value in plans, reports & dashboards
  • Period Value
    • Choose Beginning Balance, Ending Balance, Sum or Average
    • Determines the aggregation of data over time in reports & dashboards
  • Color
    • Select a color
    • Determines color if Custom Line is included on a Dashboard tile


The color for a Subtotaled Section will display as gray in Dashboards when the rows within the section are not the same color. For the Subtotaled Section to not display gray in Dashboards, verify all rows within the section are set to the same color. 



Display the value of another account outside of this Custom Table for reference purposes. For example, it may be helpful to display Headcount from Staffing or Revenue per the GL with a Custom Table.

  • Reference
    • Select the series for the value to be displayed in the table using the UA Picker
  • Include Sub-Accounts/Lines
    • Select Subtotal Only (0 Level), 1 Level, 2 Level, etc.
    • Determines how many child lines should display for the given reference
    • For example, if a Revenue Reference row is added with 1 Level, the table would display the parent Revenue account plus the children/sub-accounts of revenue 

Blank Row

Adds a blank row in the Plans view to space sections, new lines and reference rows for display purposes. 


Utilize the ellipsis (. . .) menu for additional options including copying a section of the given Custom Table to another Custom Table (Copy to Table) or copying a row within the same Custom Table (Clone).