Custom & Workforce Actuals Troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting steps to resolve errors when importing Actuals data

Custom Table Imports

Unable to import: given file does not contain header.

This error typically occurs when the data for the custom table is not in the first (farthest left) tab of the Excel or GoogleSheet workbook. Check your import file to verify the data for the custom table is in the first tab including any hidden tabs. 

Import Failed: This file is too large to be imported

Jirav only imports Custom Table data from the first tab within a Google Sheet, but file size restrictions are determined by the Sheet as a whole. There is a 10MB limit to the size of files that are able to be exported from Google/imported to Jirav. This limitation is set by Google, and Jirav is unable to bypass that limit.

The solution to fix this error is to reduce the size of the Google Sheets file. We know that external data may be driving your Custom Table import. Here are a couple of options to reduce the size of the Google Sheet:
  • Copy + paste as values the data in the Jirav import tab of the Google Sheet for a range of months. Then, reduce the size of the data queried in the external data tabs accordingly. For example, if the external data set is for 12 months, copy + paste as values the first 6 months, then update the external data set to only be for the 2nd 6 months. 
  • If you are unable to reduce/consolidate due to data being required for certain calculations, there is a workaround located within the Google Help Center. There is a formula called IMPORTRANGE that allows you to reference a different Google Sheets workbook. This would allow you to store data within another sheet, and still use it to calculate the Custom Table data. HERE  is the article on how to use this formula. 

*PLEASE NOTE: If you experience any issues when using this formula, please contact Google Support as it is not specific to Jirav. 

Workforce Imports

Failed to import data, reason:...

This error message typically occurs when there is a row in the import file that does not follow the required format. For example, this error will occur if the example row (row 2) in the template is included in the import file.  Check your import file for any non data rows and delete them from the import file.