Configure System Salary Expense

Connect the foundational Salary account to see planned Salaries

Personnel-related expenses are most often the largest expense for a company. As such, they are an integral part of the planning process and it is important to accurately forecast both your current staffing expense as well as future increases in headcount expense associated with the growth of your company.

To see the salary forecast associated with your current employees, the first step is to let Jirav know which account you use for planning Salaries.

To configure the System Salary Expense, go to Settings ⚙️ > Company > Plans > Expenses > Salary Expenses and choose the appropriate Salary-related Operating Expense account from the dropdown. 

Once this step is complete. System Salary is calculated as 1/12th the Annual Wages input to the Staffing table. You should see a Salary forecast within Plans (OpEx):

as well as Reports:


Helpful Hint: If you don't see salaries calculated in plan periods after completing this step, you need to review your Workforce Integrations.

Additional Resource: Company Settings Overview