Paychex Flex - Workforce Import Instructions

Import your current employee roster from Paychex

To import an employee roster from Paychex Flex into Jirav, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Paychex Developer Support Form:

    • When completing the Paychex Developer Support, populate the following information: 
    • The Company ID can be found from the upper-left corner of Company Settings in Paychex Flex.
    • If you're an accounting partner, you may need to ask your client to provide you with this ID.
    • Allow 24-48 business hours for Paychex Support to process this request.
  1. Enable Jirav Connection in Paychex Flex:

    • You'll need either a Super Admin or Security Admin role to complete this step. 
    • If you're an accounting partner, you may need to ask your client to complete this step.
    • Log in to Paychex Flex.
    • Navigate to Company Settings from the left menu.
    • Click on Integrated Apps.
    • Locate the Jirav connector application - it should show as "Access Requested".
    • Enable the Jirav connection by toggling the Integration Connection on.
    • Accept the legal notice and Save the settings.
    • If you're a client completing this step on behalf of your accounting partner, notify your partner that the integration has been accepted. They will be able to complete the rest of the integration.
  2. Connect Paychex Flex to Jirav:
    • Go to Setup ⚙️ > Actuals in Jirav.
    • Select "Connect" next to Paychex.
  3. Authenticate Paychex Flex
    • Enter your Paychex Company ID.
    • The Company ID field is case sensitive and must match exactly with the ID in Paychex Flex to establish a connection.
  4. Import Employee Roster
    1. Once Paychex Flex is authorized for Jirav, the "Connect" button will change to "Import."
    2. Click "Import" to synchronize your current employee roster with the Jirav Staffing table.