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Paylocity - Workforce Import Instructions

Import your current employee roster from Paylocity

Prior to connecting within Jirav, you will need to submit a couple of forms to Paylocity to authorize the integration. Paylocity support will be providing credentials that will be required to complete the connection. 

1. Make a copy of the Paylocity Access Form. Follow the instructions within the comments of the form in order to fill it out

2. Complete the PADE API form

3. Email with the following contents (Make sure to attach the completed PADE API form): 

Requesting Client ID and Client Secret

Hi, can we get access to a Client ID and Client Secret for API access? ( We have attached the form specifying relevant permissions.

4. Once you receive your Client ID and Client Secret back from Paylocity you will go in to Jirav to perform the connection

Go to Setup ️ > Actuals and select Connect next to Paylocity

5. Enter your Paylocity Client credentials and Company ID

Paylocity Client Credentials SS  Paylocity Company ID SS 

After successfully logging in with your information you should get confirmation that the connection was successful

Successful Integration SS

6. Once Paylocity is authorized for Jirav, click Import to sync your current employee roster with the Jirav Staffing table