Driver Example: COGS

Create a Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) driver based on forecasted sales

Once you have built out your forecasted revenue you can then associate the cost of goods sold to that revenue by using a COGS Driver within Jirav.  

The example financial model we have been using for the revenue forecast is selling a camera that also has a subscription.  For our example we will build a COGS Driver for the cost of the Camera as well as the subscription service.

Step 1:

Navigate to Plans->Drivers and scroll down to the COGS group and add a Driver. 

Step 2:

Name the Driver "Hosting" and select the appropriate COGS Expense account, in this case the account is "Hosting"


For this Driver we are going to use the Cumulative Monthly Recurring Revenue (CMRR) as the basis to drive the cost which is $5 per month for each MRR booking.


Step 3:

Create a second driver that we will now use to recognize the COGS for the cost of the camera.  We will name this driver "Camera" and choose the expense account of "Cost of Revenues"


For this driver we will use the "Bookings - New #" as the base of the driver and multiply this by $100 which is the cost of the Camera.  This driver will then multiply the total cameras forecasted to be sold each month by $100 for the COGS.


Step 4:

Navigate to the Plans->COGS to review the outputs of the Drivers.