Driver Example: Rent

Create a driver in Jirav to recognize your company's rent expense

Most all business have a rent expense that is typically the same each month.  In order to create this within Jirav we will make an OpEx Driver.

Navigate to Plan->Drivers and scroll to the OpEx group.  

Step 1: 

From the  ••• menu you can select "Add Driver"

Step 2: 

Name the Driver "Rent" and select the output to be the Income Statement account for rent:

The screen shot below is what you will see when you select the Output for the driver.

Step 3:

Now we would like to have $15,000 in rent expense each month; this is done by multiplying a constant of $15,000 by 1 as shown in the screen shot below

Step 4:

Review the results of the driver by going to Plans->OpEx

You can see from the screen shot below that the driver is resulting in $15,000 of expense each month.  Note that the plan start date is December 2018 and actuals do not exist for building rent in October or November of 2018.  

Note that if you would like to add an additional expense you can do so by hard coding the value into the blue shade cell, Jirav treats the value as additive to the total.  

In order to enter a hard coded value you need to be filtered to a single Department; in the screen shot below we are filtered to "Unassigned"