Driver Example: Travel

Create a travel budget based on job title

Travel budgets can be based on a number of different assumptions such as a fixed amount per month or based on a specific job function.  

This example will walk through how to create a travel expense based on the job title of Sales Rep.

Navigate to Plans->Drivers and scroll down to the OpEx group.

Step 1: 

From the  ••• menu you can select "Add Driver"

Step 2:

Name the Driver "Travel: Sales Reps" and select the appropriate expense account on the Income Statement.

Pro Tip: Naming the driver Travel: Sales Rep will allow you to filter the OpEx Driver table and so long as "Travel" is the beginning of each of the travel drivers the table will be easier to sort.


Step 3:

For the driver we would like to select all staff that have the role of "Sales Rep".  The role titles have been either uploaded as part of the staffing import or you have created them by adding planned hires.  

We will then multiply the Sales Reps headcount by $2,500 per month.


Step 4:

Navigate to Plans->OpEx to review the results of the calculation.

As you can see from the screen shot below starting in January of 2020 we plan to have a Sales Rep join which results in $2,500 of expense each month.