QuickBooks Desktop Error Code Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot common errors that may occur when connecting or importing data through QuickBooks Desktop


Please Note:

From time to time our integration Partner, Right Networks, may experience network issues around connectivity - please see this website page for the current status of the Right Networks Operational Systems


Error Codes: 






When users receive this error, the Agent couldn't be reached, most likely because it isn't running, it's not logged in, or the computer is off or logged out.

To troubleshoot:

  • Confirm the agent is open
  • Confirm the user token is entered in the agent and that 'Save' has been selected
  • Confirm that the Status reads 'Connected.' in dark blue text
  • Confirm with the user whether they have a strict firewall in place.

If the above steps do not work, have the user restart the agent and try again.


Users will receive the 1604 error code when the connection attempt to the accounting application has failed and the accounting application returns an error. 

Important Notes

Error Code:

  • If the error code returned from the accounting application is NaN, null, empty, or equal to 0, Autofy will return the 1604 error code.
  • If the accounting application returns an error code, Autofy will display the error code provided by the accounting application instead of 1604.

Error Message:

  • If the accounting application does not return an error message, Autofy will return Failed to connect to endpoint.
  • If the accounting application returns an error message, Autofy will display the message provided by the accounting application.
Recommended Troubleshooting Steps for QuickBooks Desktop:
  1. Make sure QuickBooks is not running as the Windows Admin
  2. Review the local log file for any errors. If the errors are from QuickBooks, please refer to our QuickBooks troubleshooting docs here.


A 1605 error occurs when the desktop file attempting to sync with Jirav sends Jirav a "busy signal". This error code typically indicates that there is another application other than Jirav that is actively pulling data from the desktop file. 

To resolve the 1605 error, wait for the other application to complete its data request. Then, initiate another sync from Jirav by selecting the Import button in Setup (⚙️)>Actuals. 


If a dialogue box is open in QuickBooks, it may prevent connection. If this is the case, close any open dialogue boxes in QuickBooks and retry the import.

Error running request (code: 0)

This error is typically related to the Autofy Agent. Restarting the Agent should resolve the issue. Note, closing the agent window does not exit the agent. Go to the system tray, right-click on the Autofy icon and select Exit.