Quickbooks: Troubleshooting

Resolutions for common errors that occur when integrating actuals from Quickbooks

Article Contents:

Invalid COA Structure

This issue is typically related to the QuickBooks chart of accounts when two accounts share the same name but belong to different sections of the chart. Review your chart of accounts in Quickbooks to verify there are no duplicates. Duplicate accounts must be renamed - Inactivating them will not resolve the issue as Jirav imports all accounts, active or inactive.

For example, if there is a parent account named Designer Costs that is inactive and categorized as an expense account, along with a child account of the same name that is also inactive but classified as a COGS account.

To resolve this error, reference the Jirav error message to  pinpoint the specific accounts causing the conflict within your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts. The necessary correction should then be carried out in QuickBooks to ensure there are no duplicate accounts with the same name assigned to different sections. If you need assistance with making this adjustment, contact Intuit Support

No Retained Earnings Accounts or Multiple Retained Earnings Accounts

Jirav automatically identifies Retained Earnings by looking for an Equity account containing the phrase "Retained Earnings." If multiple accounts match or no accounts meet this criteria, a warning is issued. To resolve this warning update your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts to ensure there's only one account labeled Retained Earnings.

Income Statement Actuals Not Matching QuickBooks

If you notice differences between your income statement actuals in Jirav and QuickBooks Online (QBO), it may be due to category settings. This issue can occur when transactions with classes and/or locations were created in QBO, but later, class and/or location tracking was disabled.

To resolve this issue, enable Track Classes and/or Track Locations in Quickbooks and then reimport the data to Jirav.

  1. Check Class Tracking in QBO:
    • Go to QBO > Gear Menu > Account and Settings > Advanced > Locate the Categories section.
    • If Track Classes and/or Track Locations it's disabled, enable it.
  2. Import into Jirav:
    • Once tracking is on, import your data into Jirav from Settings > Actuals.