Customize the Chart of Accounts (COA).

Choose to use your accounting system COA or use Jirav to set up and customize the COA


Chart of Account Mapping

Jirav gives you the ability to customize your chart of accounts without impacting the chart of accounts in your accounting system.

This is great for times when you want to only show one row for cash on your balance sheet; however, for bookkeeping reasons you may need to have multiple accounts for say an Operating Account, Money Market Account, and Clearing accounts.  

Navigate to ⚙️->Chart of Accounts 

Set the Chart of Accounts to Manual

This will take you to the setup for to choose to override the system initial setup which is to mirror the chart of accounts from the accounting system you have connected.


The section "Revenue" is bing managed manually and this can be seen above because the column titled "Quickbooks" shows the accounts withe an "X" next to the name and the column titled "Master" the names of the accounts are editable - we will go in more detail below on how to customize the chart of accounts 

The section "Assets" is mirrored in the screen shot and you can tell this because the "Master" column shows the names of the accounts in a greyed out box and is not editable - you can select the three dot ellipses (...)  to change the system to manually adjust the chart of accounts in Jirav. 


Customize the Chart of Accounts

Once you have set the chart of accounts to be managed manually you can edit the chart of accounts by selecting the "X" next to the name of the account:


Once you have removed the account mapping the account appears in the "Unmapped" section of the Chart of Accounts - you can then also delete accounts, rename them, or re-order the accounts as well.

Be advised that once you manually manage the chart of accounts, if you add a new account to the accounting system, once you sync the system (overnight automatically) then the new account will appear in the "Unmapped" section of the Chart of Accounts and you will need to then manually map the account

In order to then map the accounts and customize things to how you would like to plan and report on you place the cursor in the box on the right of the account and you can map one or more accounts to the same account - Jirav will do the math for you to present the financials correctly.



One tip to point out is that the accounts that are greyed out on both the "Master" column as well as the column to the right are Jirav System accounts