TriNet - Workforce Import Instructions

Import your current employee roster from TriNet

Prior to to connecting within Jirav, you will need request certain credentials from TriNet. These credentials will be required to complete the connection. 

1. Complete this Request Form using the instructions in this article

2. After you receive confirmation, sign in to the TriNet Developer Portal. Once logged in, click on your email address to open up a dropdown menu

3. Select Apps from the dropdown menu. Hover over Jirav in the My Apps table and open the relevant row

4. Copy both the Key and Secret as you will need them later

5. Go to Setup ️ > Actuals and select Connect next to TriNet

6. You will enter the information you copied from TriNet in your client credentials. Your Key will go in the Client ID field and your Secret will go in the Client Secret field

TriNet Client Credentials SS  

7. Enter your company ID . Click on the dropdown next to How do I find my company ID? for additional instructions

TriNet Company ID SS

After successfully logging in with your information you should get confirmation that the connection was successful

Successful Integration SS

8. Once TriNet is authorized for Jirav, click Import to sync your current employee roster with the Jirav Staffing table