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Welcome to the Jirav Help Center.

Discover how to use your Jirav account as well as best practices for how to get the most out of Jirav.

The Help Center is a collection of articles aimed at assisting you to get started in Jirav and to better understand how to use and leverage the tool.

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The content is structured as follows:

Getting Started

  • Learn how to navigate Jirav and understand Jirav terminology. 
  • Setup the fundamental building blocks of your Jirav model. 


  • Simplify financial reporting and analysis to empower company stakeholders with the information they need in just a few clicks.


  • Combine financial and operational data into a dashboard to report on virtually any KPI.


  • Use your accounting, workforce, and operational data to create a driver-based financial model to accurately forecast where you're going.


  • Maximize the collaborative value of forecasting, budgeting, reporting, and analytics to drive your business forward with confidence and speed.


  • Connect the systems that matter, access new insights, and leverage greater automation.


  • Lay the foundation for the forecast in your Jirav plans.

Other Articles

  • C'mon this category has to exist, right?

Learning & Education

  • Watch recordings of our webinars to learn best practices, features, and functions. 

Partner Program

  • Discover the benefits of participating in our Partner Program.
  • Complete your Partner Certification tasks.