Plan of Record (POR)

Plan of Record ​- what is it and how is it used?

Plan of Record (POR)

Typically, the planning process involves creating several different scenarios, evaluating them and then deciding on one as the Plan of Record (POR). This becomes the official budget for the period, and all variances are tracked off of it. Jirav supports designating a plan as a POR. 

In addition, the system "locks" down that plan, making it read-only and permanently saved for auditability. This gives you full confidence that every single number and detail in the POR is exactly the way it was when it was approved and locked. 

The prior PORs are then indicated as former Plans of Record by a white star on the left side of the title. 


Depending on your need, you can always clone any plan, take in new Actuals, build a rolling forecast and/or set a new POR.

Tip: Once you freeze a plan as a POR, it cannot be unfrozen so be mindful of which plan you're designating. You can, however, clone POR plan to make a copy that's editable.