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Text Tile

Create a tile that can include text commentary or an embedded logo

With a text tile, you can provide contact information as well as regular communications to other users through your dashboards.

Text 1


To create a text tile, click the Add New button on the upper right of the Dashboard and choose Add New Text Tile.

Text 2

After selecting Create New Text Tile, the below Edit window appears.  The text you want to display is entered on the left and a Preview of the text tile is displayed on the right.

Text 3

The text tile can include photos, such as a company logo, and hyperlinks to your website or any other website address.  The text can also be formatted as needed.

Text 4

See our help article on step-by-step instructions to include Hyperlinks in Text Tiles

Once done editing your text tile, click Save to insert the new text tile into your dashboard.