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Report FAQ: Driver not calculating in Actuals

Understand the difference between Plan and Global Drivers based on Reporting & Metric calculation example

I have a Line in a Custom Table that is calculated using a Driver. When I am viewing the Custom Table in Plans, I can see the calculated values in Actuals. However, when I go to the Report and place the Custom Line in a Report displaying Actuals, it is blank. How do I fix this? 


Custom Table:


This behavior typically occurs when a Plan Driver or an Assumption is used in an Actuals period. Plan Drivers don't calculate values during Actuals periods and are best suited for forecasting future account values. Global Drivers remain consistent across all Plans, and do the calculation for Actuals periods.

If you are using a Plan Driver in an Actuals period, delete the Plan Driver and replace it with a Global Driver:

Remember to adjust the Cutover Date to the Min Date from More Options. This will allow you to see both Actuals & Plans for the calculated Custom Line in reports.

Global Drivers are preceded with [GL] when viewing them in Plans. 

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