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Report FAQ: Assumption is not displayed in Actuals

Learn how to correctly present Custom data under Reports

I have a Line in a Custom Table that is calculated using a Global Driver based on the Assumption. When I am viewing the Custom Table in Plans, I can see the calculated values in Actuals. However, when I go to the Report and place the Custom Line in a Report displaying Actuals, it is blank. How do I fix this? 


Custom Table:


This behavior typically occurs when an Assumption is used in an Actuals period. Assumptions as represent key variables for your company and concert Forecasts in their nature.

If you are using a Global Driver in an Actuals period which is based on the Key Assumption, change it to be based on the Constant value:

Remember to adjust the Cutover Date to the Min Date from More Options. This will allow you to see both Actuals & Plans for the presented Custom Line in reports.

Alternatively, you can import Actual Churn % from Google Sheets or Excel.
Before importing Actuals from Google Sheets, you must first configure the lines within a Custom Table (check an "Allow Import") and click on the Export New Lines to G Sheet button

Go to Settings⚙️> Actuals > Google Sheets > Connected Sheets and populate Churn % under right Custom Lines and months:

Now, go back to Jirav > Settings⚙️> Actuals > Import Your Data > Google Sheets > Import:

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