Import Custom Table Actuals from GoogleSheet or Excel

Utilize Google Sheets or Excel to import Actuals to Custom Tables

You likely have Actuals data that you'd like to include in Jirav, but that isn't in your general ledger. For example, key performance indicators such as number of customers, website traffic and/or demo requests. This type of data can be captured in Custom Tables within Jirav. Once your Custom Table is defined, you can then begin importing Actuals to these lines. Actuals can be imported via GoogleSheet or Excel

Before you can import actuals from GoogleSheet or Excel, you must first configure the lines within a Custom Table. Click here for instructions on how to create a Custom Table

GoogleSheet Import

Be Advised: The instructions in this article have been updated as of 10.27.2020 to reflect the new enhanced process for importing via GoogleSheet. 

To import Actuals to your Custom Table from a GoogleSheet, follow these steps:

  1. Connect Jirav to your GoogleSheet
    Go to Setup ⚙️>Actuals and select CONNECT under the GoogleSheet icon in the OTHER COLUMN, sign into Google and authorize Jirav FP&A to access your Google account.
  2. Access your GoogleSheet Import Template
    After authorizing Jirav FP&A to access your Google account, you'll receive a confirmation letting you know you the connection was successful. Click on the link in the confirmation to access the GoogleSheet import template.
  3. Populate your GoogleSheet Import Template
    The GoogleSheet import template will be pre-populated with the Custom Tables & Lines from your Jirav model in columns A & B and the current month in column C. Update columns C and forward to reflect the actual months you'd like to import and then populate the data accordingly. 
  4. Import the GoogleSheet to Jirav 
    The actuals from the GoogleSheet will immediately sync with Jirav. 
  5. The actuals can then be reviewed from Plans > Custom. 

Did you know?

  • New Custom lines created after the GoogleSheet integration is configured should be added as needed to the GoogleSheet import template. 
  • You can use other tabs within in the workbook to feed the import sheet - you need to ensure that the import sheet is the leftmost tab. Also, using Zapier with GoogleSheets opens up a whole world of possibilities. 


    Excel Import

    To import Actuals to your Custom Table using an Excel spreadsheet, follow these steps:

    1. Download the Excel import template
      Click here to download the import template to Excel.
    2. Populate the Template in Excel
      • Populate column A with the name of your Custom Table(s)
      • Populate column B with the names of the Custom Lines from your Custom Table(s)
      • Update columns C and forward with the desired months to import actuals to
      • Populate data accordingly 
    3. Import the Template to Jirav
      Once the template is populated, go to Setup ⚙️>Actuals and select IMPORT  under the Excel icon in the OTHER COLUMN, select the file from Step 2 and select Open. This will sync the actuals from Excel with Jirav. The actuals can then be reviewed from Plans > Custom.