Accounting Actuals Troubleshooting

Resolutions for common errors that occur when integrating actuals

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Intacct Troubleshooting

The below are errors you may encounter when connecting Intacct to Jirav with resolutions. 

Got Intacct account without any category set 'Account Name'. This is not supported in Jirav.

Requested operation failed.


This error typically occurs when GL Accounts have not been assigned a category in Intacct. Jirav uses the Category field from Intacct to determine which financial statement the account is associated with and therefore the field is required. 

Click here to learn more about the Intacct Category field.


Authentication unsuccessful.

This error typically occurs when Web Services Application has not been enabled in Intacct. Enabling Web Services is required to connect Intacct to Jirav. 

Click here to learn more about Applications in Intacct.