Sage Intacct - Actual Import Instructions

Create the connection to your Intacct Account to begin planning and reporting in Jirav

For users who have signed up for their account through our marketing website please note that this is a premium integration - please work with our sales team to obtain the correct account settings for you to have the ability to connect your Desktop file - you can reach them at


There area few steps and requirements outlined below - in the event you run into any issues and need technical support please email for assistance, typically within 1-2 business days. 


The Process is 5 Steps

Step 1: Create a “Web Services Authorization” for Jirav

Navigate to the Company settings:

Once in the Company settings select "Edit"

Navigate to the "Security" tab within the Company Information

Once in the security section go ahead and select the "Add" button 

The sender ID needs to match exactly and is "JiravMPP"

Next select the "Save" Button


Step 2: Create a “Jirav App Role”

Navigate to the "Roles" which can be found in the company setup menu under the tab "Admin"

 If you are not seeing the roles option when you are in the view pictured below, go to Company -> Setup tab -> Configuration -> Company within Intacct. This is where you can select Role-Based as the permissions type. You should be able to continue with the steps below after enabling this. 

Next select the "Add" button 

Name the role "Jirav App Role" and select the "Save" button

Once you have selected save you will need to give the role permission to access the Company and General Ledger information.  Both the the Application/Modules will require "read-only" access to the default setting provided by Intacct.

Once you select "Read-Only" Intacct will auto populate the permissions - there is no need to further customize the access level.

Select the "Save" button to complete Step 2


Step 3: Create a “Web Services User”

Navigate back to the Company menu and back to the "Admin" tab and select "Web Services Users"

Select the "Add" button once in the web services users

Complete the "User Information" 

  • You must use a real E-Mail address since this is how Intacct will confirm the user account. This email should be whoever within your company will administrate importing data from Intacct in to Jirav. 
  • After creating the Intacct Web Services User, you will receive an email containing the Company ID, User ID and User Password required by Jirav in Step 5. 

Next, select the "Roles Information" tab and add the "Jirav App Role" to the user

Step 4: Enable Web Services in Intacct 

From the main menu in Intacct, select Company, then navigate to the Admin tab and select Subscriptions.

From the Subscriptions area, enable Web Services.

Step 5: Connect your Intacct account to Jirav

Go to your Jirav account and navigate to the Actuals page by selecting the gear icon and then selecting the "Connect" button next to the Intacct logo

Once you have selected the connect button Jirav will ask you for you Intacct Company ID, User ID and User Password to create the connection.  This information will have been sent via email to you after completing Step 3. 

Once this is completed you will note that the button now says [Import]. Click the button to select the historical date range you would like to bring into Jirav.

Pro Tip: We recommend importing a full fiscal year plus year-to-date to start.

If you haven't yet, we recommend checking out the Getting Started guide next for setting up the remaining steps within the application and to learn how to explore your data within the platform.