Introduction to Jirav


This is the starting point for discovering how to use your Jirav account and learning about our all-in-one FP&A solution. In this video, we provide an overview to Financial Planning and Analytics.  You'll specifically  learn how to import your accounting data and map your chart of accounts to line items on your company's  financial statements.


Earn free CPE for this course on Earmark CPE

  • Access Introduction to Jirav on the Earmark CPE app
  • Click on the Enroll button
  • Select the Course menu option for the following three parts:
    • Learning Video - select mark complete to proceed to review questions
    • Review Questions - answer three questions and review your feedback
    • Assessment Quiz - answer five questions with a passing score of 70%.  You can view feedback on your answers and retake the assessment quiz.  Select the option Email CPE to receive your certificate of completion.  Once completed, you can exit the course and return to any channel on Earmark CPE including the Jirav channel!
If you don't have the Earmark CPE app and you want to earn free CPE for participating in Jirav courses and other accounting podcasts, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the Earmark CPE app.

Goals of Webinar

  • Import a company
  • Easily  map accounts
  • Produce familiar reports
  • Build confidence
    • Reports
    • Dashboards
    • Plans

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