Release Notes - 2023

Learn about newly released product features.

December 2023

Version 23.13

Auto-Forecast (Beta)

Enable Auto-Forecast in your plan to automatically forecast your Income Statement based on historical trends & seasonality.



  • Auto-Forecast is currently a beta product offering and may not be available in your account at this time 
  • The algorithm for the beta version of Auto-Forecast is subject to change at any time and backwards compatibility will not be supported 

Trended AR & AP Logic 

Forecast AR & AP based on a Trended % of Revenue and OpEx. 


  • Trended AR & AP may not be available in your account at this time - please contact an email if you would like to have this functionality enabled in your account

October 2023

Version 23.10

  • New Settings page for Accounts Receivable (A/R) and Accounts Payable (A/P) (previously located in Company Settings)

August 2023

Version 23.08

  • Grant Basic users the ability to add notes to Report Templates

July 2023

Version 23.07

  • Add Dashboard Tiles to Report Sections

June 2023

Version 23.06

  • Reporting Enhancements: Add New & Modify Existing Report Sections from Report Template view 

  • Paylocity Integration: Support for Cost Center dimension

May 2023

Version 23.05

  • Addition of a new right sidebar for Comments, Assumptions, and Drivers
    • Drivers & Assumptions formerly available in the left sidebar can now be accessed from the right sidebar

  • Add a new Custom Table from Plan view

April 2023

Version 23.04

  • New System Warning for the Balance Sheet becoming out of balance

    The integration between Jirav and the accounting system runs every night for this month and the previous month. If there were accounting adjustments to historical periods prior to the previous month, it can cause the Balance Sheet in Jirav to become out of balance. When you see this warning, typically reimporting historical actuals from the first affected period forward will resolve it. 
  • New Report Element: Index Page


March 2023

Version 23.03

  • New Report Template Sidebar Navigation for reports


February 2023

Version 23.02

  • New Navigation Menu

  • Third Column in Report

  • Report Formatting Options

  • Adds New Planned Hire row at bottom of the Manage Staff table and moves focus to that row

January 2023

Version 23.01

  • Accurate Report Printing