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Custom Report & Executive Summary Customization

Customize the rows displayed on the Custom and Executive Summary report types

The Custom & Executive Summary report types allow you to customize the rows. Whereas the other report types automatically generate the rows available.

To edit, add, or remove rows from a Custom or Executive Summary report, open an Executive Summary or Custom report from a report template and select Edit Rows.

To add a new Section to the rows, select + Add Section

To move or delete a Section, hover to the left of the section name to activate the hamburger menu, click on the menu and choose Move or Delete.

  • Section Name
    Text description of the section that will appear in the report 
  • Name
    Text description of the line that will appear in the report 
  • Series
    Use the UA Picker to choose the metric that should be displayed in the report
  • Depth
    Specify the level of detail you'd like to see for the Series, for example, if you are choosing a parent account setting the depth to 1 would show the child accounts
  • Subtotal
    If the Series has depth, choose whether or not a subtotal should display
  • + Add Line
    Adds a new series to the section
  • + Add Separator 
    Adds a break to the section 


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