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Create an Executive Summary

Summarize the key elements of your business for stakeholders

The Executive Summary defaults to display a summary graph, cash metrics, an Income Statement summary and headcount by department. This default data shows YTD Actuals for the current year by month. You may also wish to display additional key metrics for your business in addition to the cash position, for example, the rollforward of monthly recurring revenue (MRR)*. Additionally, you may wish to display data from a different Source or time period.


To update the Executive Summary report to display these additional metrics for the current plan by quarter, follow the steps below. 

  1. Select the Executive Summary report from the Training Template
  2. Select Edit Columns
  3. Verify the Report Period is set to the time frame you'd like to report on, e.g., This Year
  4. Adjust the Report Columns to show the granularity you'd like to see for your analysis, e.g., Months & Total
  5. Adjust the Column #1 Source to the current plan, e.g., 2024 Rolling Fcst
  6. Select Apply - the report should now show data for the plan by quarter
  7. Select Edit Rows

  8. Select + Add Section
  9. Add a Section called Cash and select + Add Line to add Cash Balance (Category: KPI Library, Group: Cash, KPI: Cash on Hand) and Change in Cash (Category: KPI Library, Group: Cash, KPI: Change in Cash) lines coming from Jirav KPI Library

  10. Select + Add Section
  11. Name the Section MRR Rollforward
  12. Select + New Line in the MRR Rollforward section
  13. Name the new line MRR Rollforward
  14. Edit the Series by selecting IS - Revenue - All - All under to open the UA Picker, select MRR Rollforward from the Subscription Revenue Custom Table, set the Depth to Children up to 1st Level and the Subtotal to Hide and Save
  15. Select Apply
  16. Save Changes

After completing these steps, you should see the data for the plan by quarter and the MRR Rollforward highlighted at the top of the report under the Cash section. 

*Assumes that Create a Simple Revenue Forecast has been completed.