User Management.

Add & Remove Users to your Jirav account

As the Jirav admin, you can invite in other users to access your Jirav model. Each user will have an assigned role which determines what that user can do and see within Jirav.

To mange users, go to ⚙️Setup > Users.


Add a User

Then, to add a new user, select . . . > + Add.

After selecting + Add, you'll be prompted to enter the new users email address and assign the user a role. Click here to learn more about roles.

Once you've input the new users email, selected a role and added an optional message, select Invite. This will send an email to the newly added user inviting them to access Jirav. 



The new user will then receive an email link to sign in to Jirav.

Users with a Gmail email account can access Jirav via single sign-on (SSO). If the user does not have a Gmail email account, they should enter their email address and select Forgot Password? to set their password.


Remove a User


From the user list when you hover over the table a three line hamburger menu will appear that allows you to remove a user from the account.

Once you select to remove the user you will need to save the change.



Account Invitation Reminders

Send a Reminder to someone previously invited whom has not logged into the account - this sends the email to invite them again