Staffing: Adding, Removing, and Reviewing.

Within the "Plans" section of Jirav there is a "Staffing" section which includes a number of visual reports and tables.  Within each of the reports and tables are different metrics that are tracked which include number of headcount by department, job titles, and compensation information.  


We also have a number of videos on tips & tricks for headcount planning - you can check them out by clicking here

The section is broken down as follows:

Cumulative Headcount - A visual representation of the headcount that has a bar chart trended by month

Salaries - A visual representation of the salary detail that has totals by Department which are trended by month using a bar chart. 

Cumulative Headcount - This is a table that has all the Departments with Job Title as rows and the total headcount for each Department and Job Title by month for the columns

Salaries - This is a table that has all the Departments with Job Title as rows and the total base compensation (does not include the fully burdened rate) for each Department and Job Title by month

Staff List - This is a table that lists a roster of current, past, and planned staff.  It is within this table we will add and remove staff from the plan.  

The table headers include: Department, Role, Full Name, Hire Date, Annual Wages, Term Date, and Quota Bearing. 

Rows that have black text and a white background is actual data that you imported from your payroll system; the only thing that can be changed on the staff that are included in actuals is the Term Date.  

Let's Add Staff, Clone Staff, and Delete Staff

Displayed in the screen shot below is the "Staff List" table which is where the staff list can be seen and edited:

A - "Add Staff" - When selected, a new row is added to the table which can then be filled in with the Department, Role, Full Name, Hire Date (or planned Hire Date), and the Annual wages.  Once this is completed the plan will then add the appropriate expenses to the plan and contribute to any Drivers that have been set up that drive other costs. For example, the acquisition of a computer for the employee. 

B - "Clone Staff" - This does a simple clone of all the attributes of the row you have made the selection on; the clone may appear at the bottom of the table.  The clone can be edited and updated to reflect the planned hire details.

C - "Delete Staff" - This option is only available on the rows that are in blue text with a blue background which are planned hires.

For rows that are in black text with white background (Actual headcount) requires a re-upload of the actuals from the payroll system through the import process.  For staff that are no longer with the company you can use the "Term Date" column and this causes the plan to remove the expenses associated with the headcount from the plan. By using the "Term Date" you also have the ability to then look back and see the changes over time to the overall headcount for the company.