Bar Tile

Single series and multiple series in horizontal columns

The bar tile provides a horizontal chart expression for your data and includes smaller headings for the values and percentages linked to that information.


Bar Tile 1


To create a bar tile, click the Add New button on the upper right of the Dashboard and choose Add New Tile.


Numerical 2

You can also clone any or repurpose an existing tile by clicking the EllipsisEllipsis on the existing tile and choosing Edit or Clone.


Numerical 3


After selecting Create New Tile or Edit for an existing tile, populate a Tile Name and then use the drop-down selections to choose what data will be pulled into the tile.  As shown in the example below, to get a salary run rate tile, we've selected "Salary Run Rate" from Jirav's KPI Library and compared our Actuals against our current Plan of Record for the prior month.​  The Preview area will update as you make selections to show what the tile will look like when finished.


Bar Tile 3


Click Save to insert the new tile into your dashboard or save the changes made to an existing tile.