Numerical Tile

Numerical Tiles

As the name would imply, this tile type gives you a numerical expression for your data. We typically see the numerical chart used for cash, headcount, run rate and current revenue. 

To make a numerical tile, click the ellipses on the left hand side by "Dashboard", add new tile and then select your tile type.

You can also clone any or repurpose an existing tile by clicking the ellipses and then edit on the tile itself. 

Once you're in the tile's edit screen, use the drop down selections to choose what data will be pulled into the tile. As shown in the example, to get a headcount tile, we've selected 'headcount cumulative' which pulls the headcount number from the staffing data in Jirav.

In the edit screen, you can add dimension to your data by selecting the periodicity and offset; in the example above, we've designated a monthly periodicity with an offset, or look back, of one month ('-1 month').