Table Tiles

Show tabular data in a beautifully designed grid

Some data is best displayed in a table. Table tiles are specifically designed to harmonize well with the rest of the dashboard and display tabular data in a very clean way.

Step 1:

Go to the Dashboard and select "Add New Tile". 

Step 2:

In the tile configuration screen, Give the tile a name, choose the source data as well as any comparison data, then select the Series dropdown menu to choose the desired series.

Once you select the drop down a dialogue a box will appear in which you will select the Series Category, Department, and Account. Press save and the screen will return to the tile configuration screen.

At this point you will see a preview of what your tile will look like:

Step 3

  • Periodicity allows you to select Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly
  • The Offset determines in what month(s) your capture will land in. For example, if you have an offset of -4, this means that you will look 4 months back. Say you have a starting date of September with an offset of -4, you would be looking (back) at data from May 1 forward. 
  • The Periods is how many months, quarters, or years we would like to show; the tile can show up to 12.
  • Display Subtotal let's you include the subtotal line in the table display
  • Hide Zeroes let's you hide rows that don't have any values
  • Variances as let's you choose if you want to include additional variance columns in the tabular display

Step 4

Hit Save and you are done!